Animal Issues and Animal Rights

Welcome to “The Nuzzled Network”- a not for profit learning experience promoting animal issues awareness in Illinois and beyond! I hope you find these articles and resources on animal cruelty, animal issues and vegetarianism helpful. I have categorized these posts to help you more easily navigate the site:

Animal Issues and Animal Rights Categories:

Animal Issues, Animal Rights

Animal Cruelty – these are posts and articles related to the subject of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is still a major problem in the US and these articles shed some light on the subject.

Animal Rights Info – Animals are living beings and deserve to be treated with respect. Taking away another living creatures dignity and rights is something I do not tolerate! These Animal Rights articles provide information and resources for animal rights.

Animal Issues Articles & Stories – these are general articles on various animal issues. I cover a diverse range of subjects and stories. I hope you find them interesting!

Cat & Dog Info – These posts are specifically geared towards cats and dogs. They include care information, answer questions about indoor vs outdoor cats and even talk about dealing with grief when your treasured dog or cat passes away.

Community – The animal rights community is a fairly tight-knit group of organizations and individuals. These posts share information about others within the animal rights space.

In the News – I will periodically update this section with news and recent events concerning animal rights and animal issues

Miscellaneous – Not every post on this site fits nicely into its own category. This is my “catch-all” section that will include articles on isolated subjects that don’t tie into the other areas.

Pet Safety – Pet Safety should be a major concern of anyone who owns a pet. Providing adequate care to your beloved companion will be important to any responsible pet owner. This articles are all related to pet safety issues and provide owners with some tips and info.

Vegetarian Info – Many people involved with animal rights are also devoted vegetarians. This makes a lot of sense! If you care a great deal about the well-being of all animals its unlikely you will want to eat them. These posts provide a lot of info and facts around vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.